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Like most other serious decisions, the purchase of a cemetery plot is best made under minimum duress and with ample time for gathering and analyzing pertinent information. Because we will all have to deal with this issue at some time, it is recommended that you incorporate this important consideration into your financial and estate planning process. Investigate your options, confer with your loved ones and advisers, make your selection while your preferred choice is still available, and purchase it to ensure that your final resting place will be in what artist Norman Bailey has called “the most beautiful cemetery in New England,” at home in New Canaan among family and friends.

Protect your family from sudden financial burden and from additional heartache at a sad and stressful time by pre-planning your final arrangements. We offer customized payment plans that make pre-planning simple and affordable.

Click Here to view our Pre-Planning guide. For information and personal service call us at (203) 966-1861.

Pre-planning your final arrangements:

1 Saves your family from making difficult decisions.

2Ensures your final wishes are known in advance.

3Eliminates sudden financial concerns & burdens.

4Provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.